Sprinklerfitting (System Installer) Apprenticeship



Saving lives is never too small a task. Sprinklerfitters specialise in fire suppression systems installation, maintenance, and repair. Check out detailed information on the technical training that is covered with this trade. There are four levels of technical training for the Sprinklerfitting apprenticeship. The program will be delivered in a variety of formats combining in-school and work-based training, all designed to meet the competency standards and profile as defined by the industry.
Sprinkler Level 1:
• Mathematics
• Drafting and Blueprints
• Introduction to Automatic Sprinklers
• Soldering and Brazing
• Pipe, Valves, and Fittings
• Tools
• Pumps
• Rigging
• Science
• Safety
Sprinkler Level 2:
• Sprinkler System Calculations
• Sprinkler Heads
• Sprinkler Systems
• Sprinkler Alarm Systems
• Plans and Specifications
• Basic Electricity
• Hydraulics
• Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Burning
Sprinkler Level 3:
• Arc Welding
• Fire Protection Water Supply
• Underground Piping
• Pipe and Fittings
• Valves
• Hangers
• Installation Practices
• Architectural Working Drawings
Sprinkler Level 4:
• Codes
• Standpipe and Hose Systems
• Sprinkler System Layout
• Gas and Chemical Systems
• Residential and Dwelling Sprinklers