The Office of the Registrar
The UA Piping Industry College of British Columbia's Office of the Registrar maintains your academic records, schedules your training classes, assists with any specialised needs you may have, and facilitates your intake.  You can contact the Office of the Registrar by any of the following methods:

By mail:
1658 Foster's Way, Annacis Island,
Delta, British Columbia,
Canada, V3M 6S6.

By phone:

By facsimile:

By email:

An application for apprenticeship can be downloaded here.
Application for Apprenticeship

Prospective apprentices need to apply for an apprenticeship, and existing apprentices require their records to be maintained and hours worked properly documented and protected. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for apprenticeship intakes as well as the retention and reporting of hours to the respective agencies, as required in order to obtain Journeyperson status.